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Friday, August 29, 2008


Hey yall!
She is still in the hospital but she (and me!) got good sleep last night for once. It is so hard to sleep in that darn hospital. She is getting a blood transfusion and platelets today, so that should make her feel much better. Mom is with her now, so she is in good hands!

I am heading out of town until next Saturday - hopefully - so I wont be able to post on here. Call mom, Hailey or James if you need an update. They also may need help - esp. this weekend with taking care of Colleen and Hailey.

James' best friend/Hailey's best friend's hubby, Scott was in a serious motorcycle accident last night. He is in the hospital with broken bones and a concussion. Our positive vibes and prayers are with Scott and Jill. Praise God for the fact that it was not worse!

Yall have a good week and if you see the hurricane heading for the east side of the panhandle, you may hear from me sooner than expected! Until then, I am drinking Corona's and eating fried crab claws! Yippee!

Love & Light



Kathryn Corriher said...

Hailey, I was shocked and saddened to hear about what's happening to you! You amaze me with your strength and courage! Please know that you are in my thoughts and if there is anything I can do please don't hesitate to ask.

kristen said...

Heather, I'm not sure if you remember me but Hailey and I were good friends in middle and high school-we cheered together. I haven't talked to Hailey much since we graduated but somehow a friend from Brookwood found this blog and forwarded it to me. I don't know if she's on email but will you please pass this along to her:
Hailey-I am praying for your recovery. It makes me so sad to hear about all you have to go through right now, but the photos and the story are inspiring and I am deeply impressed by how strong you and your family are. Your daughter is beautiful.
I wish I was around to see you-I just moved to Beijing, China today and I'll be here for the year. I'm going to keep reading the blog to get your updates. Much love, Kristen Looney

Sarah said...

Heather and Hailey -- I know your parents through my work at The Georgia Club and I just want to let you know my hearts go out to you all. I can't pretend to imagine what you are going through, but just know my prayers are with you. I have a four-year-old and have had the pleasure of meeting Colleen on several occasions. I am keeping her close to my heart, as well. Best wishes in the week ahead with the next round of treatment. I will stay tuned through this site.