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Monday, August 18, 2008

Round 2 is under way...

She has gone back to the hospital today to start round two of chemo. Hopefully this time wont be as rough on her as it was last time.

We sent her off in true Gill family country style though - fried bream, fresh tomatoes and cukes out of the garden, fries and hush puppies dipped in syrup. If you have never tried hush puppies dipped in syrup or honey - you are missing out on one of life's biggest pleasures.

And, YES, I am fully aware of how this post completely contradicts the last one - but if the girl wants fried fish the night before she goes in for chemo - then lets eat some fish! ;)

We took some great pictures from our dinner last night, I will post them ASAP :)

Love & Light


graciemam said...

Hey...fried fish can't hurt!! You go and eat all that yummy goodness you want!! I'm thinking about ya! Hope all is well. Kim

Jessica said...

You make me laugh and cry at the same time. When life hands you lemons, dip your hush puppies in syrup like the rockin' Southern girls you are!

Heather Ivey said...

A big part of getting through this is mind over matter...and I am pretty sure that anything fried is good for your soul! That is why it is called "soul food"...right?! Let your soul shine with the help of some "mama, sheshe" fried goodness. But next time...can I come?! Love you all.