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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Round 2, Day 3, Morning Update

Hello everybody!
Jill spent the night with Hailey last night and Jill said that the night went OK. I just wish the nurses would let her sleep , but I know its their job to take her vitals etc...
She did get sick and she has a migrane - which, if you have ever had a nauseous migrane you know how bad that sucks.

I am spending the night with her tonight and I am going to research what kinds of foods are good in this type of situation and hopefully bring her some goodies that she can tolerate and maybe even make her feel better.

I don't think she will get out tomorrow if she is still feeling sick. Jill said that they are talking about keeping her longer this time to see if we can thwart the chances of her going back to the hospital in the next week like she did last time.

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ksounds said...

Hi Hailey! Just want to let you know I'm thinking about you and hope this is all over with real soon:) Hang in there! You are truly an inspiration and I hope I have the courage you have should I ever find myself in in a similar situation. I check the blog every day, and personally, I think you look great! Heather, I think you look great with short hair too!
Hope you get some sleep tonight.