Hailey's Cheering Section - Join Us!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Sorry I have not posed in a while - here are some pictures from this past weekend. Hailey came over for a bit on Sunday night to visit. I think she looks beautiful - her eyes are so pretty that the MIA hair really does not matter. I sent an invite to Mom to start posting on here as well - hopefully she will figure it out and start filling us in on everything from her home front.

Oh - notice the yellow bracelet on Hails arm - that is the one that Denise gave us. Our friend Austin Singletary will be wearing one in Portland OR for a relay to support cancer research. He will be doing this in honor of his Dad who lost his battle with lung cancer a while back. Soul shine baby! Here is a copy of his email with info on how to donate to his team if you wanna.


Dear Friend & Family, As some of you may or may not know I will be participating in a relay race in Oregan in a few weeks. As relay weekend approaches, I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that it's still not too late to sponsor me as an American Cancer Society Charity Runner. Please click on the link at the bottom of this email to support my efforts in the fight against cancer. With each step, I will be running in honor of the many people who are winning their battle with cancer, and in memory of the many people who have not. I will hold them in my thoughts with each mile as I work my way toward the finish line in Seaside, Oregon. Your generosity helps the American Cancer Society to help those facing cancer, save lives, and empower people to fight back against the disease. Together, we are making a difference.Thank you in advance for your support. It means so much to me and the fight against cancer.To see my progress, please click the link below to visit my personal race center page. Sincerely,P.S. You can double your donation. Many employers offer matching gift programs, so please ask your human resources department if your company matches gifts.Click here to visit my personal page.If the text above does not appear as a clickable link, you can visit the web address:http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR/CharityRunner/CharityRunnerGreatWest?px=6723377&pg=personal&fr_id=10781&et=8KsuezP7XHW7fP12LCw9Nw..&s_tafId=160344 Click here to view the team page for Team Plumb CrazyIf the text above does not appear as a clickable link, you can visit the web address:http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR/CharityRunner/CharityRunnerGreatWest?team_id=270997&pg=team&fr_id=10781&et=4qUjWonYRGgYGRrlKASaVA..&s_tafId=160344


Heather Ivey said...

Saw Hailey this morning! She looks beautiful...as I expected she would. She was in good spirits. Bathing Colleen...getting her psyched about starting Kindergarten tomorrow...you know the normal mom stuff. She was of course dreading Monday...when the "fun" starts again, but today is today and she was smiling!!! Thanks Heather for posting Austin's info. I know he will be running for Hailey too. Love the pictures! And you're right; with the MIA hair, now you can focus on her killer eyes...and smile :)! I hope you all have a good day. Love you all.


graciemam said...

Okay, so I was right!! You are ABSOLOUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! Heather was soo right when she said you can really see your eyes and smile now!!! I hope Colleen's first day of school was good! I'll be thinking about you Monday, hang in there...Love ya'll KIM

Anonymous said...

Hailey, I just found out about your battle. I am praying for you and your family. I am just heartbroken to hear this news. Stay strong!

Rachel Roberts Ernst