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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Post from Mama

Hi ya'll, I hope Heather has helped me figure this out. Sunday was a emotionally mixed day, extremely happy to have the family together for a country fish fry, not advised but good, and the reality that on Monday she was going back for the second round of chemo. Watching her drive away that evening was tough. We have Colleen, and let me tell you, be glad we were younger when we had to get up and do the school routine, it is tougher now. Hailey did get to do her first day, which was last Friday, and we have the first full week. It is both fun and amazaing to see what Colleen comes home everyday from school with that was new and exciting, however I am not too crazy about the time I have to get up in order to get us to school on time. It has, however, brought back to mind Heather and Hailey's school days sooooooo long ago. Wow. Thanks to all of you who are keeping Hailey in your thoughts and prayers. We are all so blessed to have such wonderful people surrounding us. Sheila


peyton,sam,and bobby said...

tell me about those mornings for school!!! Thank goodness sam is now riding the bus! Lets hope the novelty never wears off! Hailey, you have a good lookin noggin! Can't say too much about Georgie's!! Let me know if I can do anything. I went to a local wig store in town. They had probable over 100 different wigs to choose from. You could be a different person every day.! Cool!
We love you!
Peyton, Sam and Bobby.
Give some love to Cozy and James!

peyton,sam,and bobby said...

Tell me about that morning thing!!!! Sam has started riding the bus so he is all about getting up to catch it. I hope the novelty never wears off! Glad to see you on the blog. I check it everyday. So does Mama. Hailey, you have a pretty good lookin knoggin!!!! Can't say too much about Georgie though! If there is anything you need just please let me know. I went to a local wig shop in town. What a trip!! They probably had over 100 to choose from. You could be a different person everyday! Sorry about people staring! At least they aren't staring at your Fat ASS, like they do me!

We love you!
Peyton, Sam and Bobby!
Love to Cozy and James!!!

Hunter Matheson said...

Hello Gill family. I found Heather on facebook today after more than a decade. I am sure it was a refreshing break for Mr. and Mrs. Gill.

Just wanted to slip a quick line in to you all to let you know that my prayers are with you.