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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Hair Cuts

About a week and 1/2 ago I cut all my hair off to support Hailey. She could not be the only one going from really long to really short! My hair was down to the middle of my back, all one length. I called Salon 124 on Thursday to make an appointment thinking that it would be a few weeks before I could get into the place, however - they just happened to have an appt for 4:30 that day - WAIT - I need more time! I need to say good bye to my hair first! I need to love on it, wash it one more time...and...oh what the hell...just put your big girl britches on and go...so I did. The first thing she did was put my hair into 2 pig tails and chopped them right off...OMG! I almost fainted. But I gathered myself and she washed my hair and then cut and cut and cut some more..

Finally we had this fantastic do...I LOVE IT!

Hailey's hair cut day went a little differently than mine. She had a friend that lives in Asheville, NC come down to cut her hair. She did not want the drama of going through that in a salon. At first Hailey insisted on doing a REALLY short pixie - but thankfully Hanna (the stylist) talked her into a cute bob. Hailey has never had short hair - she was born with a head full of hair and its been growing ever since. Her hair is super curly and she was afraid that she was going to look like a "chia pet". HOWEVER! Hanna is an awesome stylist and Hailey's hair has much softer curls than we expected. There were lots of friends, Jill, Jess, Mike and the boys - some tears and lots of laughing. Now she looks like a 1920's diva. I think she should keep it short for a while! Love it!!!
Kicking Cancer's Butt One Fabulous Hair Cut at a Time!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Time Well Spent

I went over to Hailey's house tonight and hung out for a bit. She slept 99% of the time I was there. She is just SO tired, poor thing. She has the air purifier going and I hosed down the house with Lysol since she can not get sick at all. If she does get sick, its a trip to the ER immediately. Yikes - I hope to God that does not happen. I really did send up a prayer for her to stay healthy and heal with out any trips to the hospital in between chemo treatments. I hope he heard me.

Oh, I made some miso soup for her tonight as well. Miso is supposed to be very good for healing and for the tummy - so I hope she likes it.

Mike came over for a while and played with Colleen, he is so good with her - its really amazing the close relationship they have. :)

Whoo Hoo!

yea! She is coming home today :) We were a bit worried because she was not feeling so well, but the doc took out her last IV of chemo and she is getting out of there today.

Mike and I got out of town last night to see panic, and we had a great time. I felt guilty for a bit, but then I got a message from James telling me to dance my booty off - because if Hailey could, she would be! So I danced 2x as hard for her :)

We (Mike & I) are going over to her house to help her get settled in this evening. I think I am going to make her some organic soups to help her out.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Round One - Part Deux

The vomiting has begun. Only a little, but she did get sick last night. Her BFF Jill was there with her, so she is in good hands. Hailey is also having pain in her abdomen - her surgery area is still healing, so this may cause issues when vomiting. That is a lot of pressure on one sensitive area of the bod. ouch!

She may have peeps from our church come visit her today. I am sure she will like that. One of the girls that will visit - her mom just got diagnosed with breast cancer. I think her mom lives out of town - I could not imagine if Hailey lived far away, I would of had to move to be close to her. Ha.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ding, Ding, Ding! Round One!

I spent the night with Hails last night and I am keeping my eyelids open with toothpicks right now. I spent the night, I did not sleep, not much anyway. But, hey, its totally worth it! I actually kind of like it, its like a hotel, but with lots of beeping, nurses and a bit of blood.

Hailey is doing very well. She is really tired and the meds she is getting for the nausea knock her out. If she did not have the nausea she would be OK I think. She is getting 2 different kinds of chemo. One is called Ifex and the other is called Adriamydin or Rubex. One of them is orange and the other clear. She also has 3 other bags of fluids/meds pumping into her as well. I have already forgotten what they are...like I said, I'm quite sleepy. She is not throwing up, which is good - and she is eating - which is great! She had grits and eggs this morning PLUS mom sent a biscuit with eggs to the hospital via my dad, so she can have a good homemade snack later.

She has had lots of visitors. Unfortunately, last night her co-workers came by and she was sleeping. She felt bad, but I am sure they understand. They brought her a cute scarf and a really soft turban for her head for when she loses her hair. That should start happeing in about 2 - 3 weeks. That will suck big fat eggs. She said that she is more worried about her eyebrows and eyelashes than her hair at this point. Ya know, you can always cover up your head with a pretty scarf or cute hat - but your brows and eyelashes! ugh that you really cant do much about. I did get her a kick ass eyebrow kit from Sephora with 3 different powders and a wax base - it has the little plastic forms and everything - so hopefully that will help. Hell, I might get her some false eyelashes with rhinestones, that with the turban - what a great look huh? lol

Well, Dad and James are with her right now. Actually, I think they snuck out to Agua Linda for lunch while Hailey is sleeping. Peyton & Shannon are on their way up there - so I am sure that will be fun. The Peeks are always fun! :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Funny T-Shirts

HA! I found some awesome t-shirts for cancer patients and their support system...

check it out!


Some are rated "R" - just an FYI :)
they happen to be my favorite ones - but I just cant see myself walking into the grocery store with F*** Cancer on my shirt. That would cause a stir

1st Day of Chemo

Well, Hailey goes in for her first day of chemo today. She has to get a port put in, and I think that requires them putting her under - but I am not sure to tell you the truth. Hailey was texting me early today and we were joking around, so she seems to be in good spirits. Colleen will spend the night with Mike & I tonight and we will take her out to eat and play checkers. I hear she is really good at checkers! She might beat me!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Well - I'm just gonna let it all hang out here - for all to see...About a month ago, my life got turned upside down when my sister was diagnosed with cancer. She has a rare form of cancer that originates in her nerves - its severe. She had major surgery to remove the 5 inch long, naaaaasty looking tumor from her abdomen about a month ago. She was in the hospital for a week and she is still recovering from the surgery. About a week later, she got the news that it was cancer - and that it was bad. I was at her first oncologist appointment with her - that was rough. I was in the waiting room with her 5 year old daughter and then my sis comes out of the doctors office crying and shaking her head. A woman, a stranger, walking down the hall stopped to give her a hug and Hailey just sobbed. That moment of pure love will stay with me forever. That is what I am going to focus on - LOVE - I (we all) have a choice to make - run towards the light, or get sucked into the vortex of the darkness. I was being sucked in, but I am making a stand and running towards the light.