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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Round 2 Update

hey yall
hailey is in the hospital still getting round 2 of her chemo. She will be there until at least Friday. She had an emotional day today, and she is a nauseous, but otherwise she is doing OK.

James spent the night with her the first two nights and now he has to get back to work makin pizzas so Jill her BFF is there tonight and I will be there tomorrow night. I just pray we can get some sleep. Apparently she did not get any sleep last night because her IV monitor was acting crazy and beeping and bonging all night long. Poor thing, I could not imagine being so sick and not being able to sleep! and poor James - have you ever been around Hailey when she needs sleep??? or tried to wake her up??? Just an FYI if you are ever in that situation, stand back and be prepared to duck because she may toss something at your head! :)

She knows how much I love her, so I can tell on her like that! :)

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Lisa Doran said...

Thinking of Hailey this morning. Hope she got some rest last evening.
Stay strong during this round of chemo....when it is over there will be another conquered.

Keeping the Faith,

Lisa and Kevin Doran