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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ugh...back to the oncology wing at ATH regional

Well, its happened again. She is back at the hospital. Its the exact same time that she had to go back last time. She had a 102 temp last night and right now they are getting her settled into her room in the oncology wing at Athens Regional. Her poor oncologist felt bad, he really tried to keep her out of the hospital by giving her fluids & antibiotics this week, but I guess it did not help.


I fell hella guilty for going on vacation, but we can't reschedule and Hailey would kick my ass (as soon as she had the strength to) if we did not go.

This just makes me question...is the cancer or chemo worse? If this chemo does not work, y'all better believe I am going to go on a mega natural healing crusade.

*****I know its her best shot, its just scary to see medicine kick your sisters ass so much.


Helen said...

Hailey..Today I have not gone 10 minutes without thinking of you either with prayer or sending as much mental energy of healing as I possibly can visulize. You have so many friends that are doing the same with their thoughts and prayers for you and yours. Heather please try and get some rest on your WELL deserved vacation!! Much Love to you all, Helen,Larry,and Peyton

graciemam said...

Hey Hailey! I know being back in the hospital sucks, but we're all thinking about you so just rest and think good thoughts. We love you girl!!!!! Kim Chris Ansley and Vickie

Kendra said...

So sorry you have to head back to the hospital, that sucks! Heather, I think they're both bad but chemo does whoop some ass, just remember that it's also whooping that cancer's ass. I know it's hard to watch your sister but she is a strong person and she WILL prevail - I know it. Have a great vacation; I hope you come back renewed. I'll be praying for you this weekend Hailey....