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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bald & Beautiful!

She shaved her head yesterday, she could not stand all the hair coming out in clumps - so she went ahead and shaved it. I will post pics later. We are going to pick her up for church in a bit, so I will take a picture to share.
She puts Demi Moore to shame!

Also, we got some yellow "live strong" bracelets from Denise Rollison - but they have Hailey's name on it and on the other side it says "love and light" this is by far the BEST present yet! I cant wait for all the fam to be wearing them. Very thoughtful and very creative.


Heather Ivey said...

If anyone can pull off bald...it is Hailey Gill. Saw the pic Heather took and you look beautiful. Thanks for the bracelet, I am wearing it with the livestrong one I still wear for Dad. See if Denise can order the youth size. I also need some for my family...Austin is going to Oregon August 22 (dad's b-day and Austin is starting the race!) for a relay race for the American Cancer Society and I know he would wear one with pride! I hope you all have a good day. See you Thursday Hailey. Love to all of you!

graciemam said...

I haven't seen pictures yet, but one thing I am SURE of is that Hailey is beautiful bald!! I'm glad to hear everthing's good for the most part. I keep ya'll in my thoughts constantly. Love ya'll KIM

mikeswint said...

Hailey would kick Demi Moore's ASS!!

And she does look great bald. Shows off those neck tats famously!! :)