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Monday, August 18, 2008


I just made adding your comments easier.
Here are instructions on how to leave comments:

click on the link at the bottom of a blog entry that says 2 comments (it might not say the number 2, it may say 0 or 5)
then it will take you to a new screen
then type in your comment in the box at the top of the screen

Choose Your Identity:
now we have a few options...
if you have a google ID - sign in with that where it says google ID
if you do not have a google ID, click in the little circle where it says Name and then you can just type in your first name (or whatever u want) and that will show up on your comment

then you have to type in the funky looking letters (they look all swirly) to confirm you are not spam.

Hopefully this will make things easier and won't result in a ton of spam on here, if we do have an issue with spam, I will have to go back to the other way!



1 comment:

Sheila said...

Hi ya'll,

I hope Heather has helped me figure this out. Sunday was a emotionally mixed day, extremely happy to have the family together for a country fish fry, not advised but good, and the reality that on Monday she was going back for the second round of chemo. Watching her drive away that evening was tough.

We have Colleen, and let me tell you, be glad we were younger when we had to get up and do the school routine, it is tougher now. Hailey did get to do her first day, which was last Friday, and we have the first full week. It is both fun and amazaing to see what Colleen comes home everyday from school with that was new and exciting, however I am not too crazy about the time I have to get up in order to get us to school on time. It has, however, brought back to mind Heather and Hailey's school days sooooooo long ago. Wow.

Thanks to all of you who are keeping Hailey in your thoughts and prayers. We are all so blessed to have such wonderful people surrounding us. Sheila