Hailey's Cheering Section - Join Us!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

here we go again

I have another blog, but it looks like we are going down that road of hospitals, chemo and cancerous tumors again with Hailey.
Let me know if you want me to post updates here or on my other blog.

Friday, July 10, 2009

New blog!!!!

Hello everybody!
I just wanted to let you know that I have started a new blog http://www.soul-shine-life.blogspot.com/
This new little corner of the web will document our struggle in life to find balance, yoga sequences and tips, bridging the east and west philosophically, and of course - health and over all well being - focusing on cancer and my sister's health.

Right now, I am focusing on purging - Mike and I just moved from a 3200 sq. foot house to my sister's basement...we may get cameras and start our own reality show - LOL

Just a quick update, and a great way to end this blog...

My sister went for a jog yesterday...how about that??? :) :) :)

Much love


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Woop Woop!

Disco call!
No signs of cancer!!!! Yippee!!!!

I know that Hailey is still kinda upset because she wants to know why her abdomen is still hurting and why she can not eat anything...but the docs do not see anything to be causing her pain.

Me, I will take what I can get!!!

So get on the dance floor and do your happy dance



Monday, April 13, 2009

Still Waiting...

We are still waiting on results. She is seeing her oncologist on Wednesday, so we should know something by then. She is still having pain in her abdomen where they took the tumor out, and she wants to KNOW what it is...so hopefully we will have some answers about that too.
Keep her in your prayers!

love & light


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hello there...

Its been a while!
I have been busy getting my Yoga classes up and running and honestly, there have been so many ups and downs with Hailey that I was getting bogged down in the mess of it all and I needed a break from blogging about it. I needed a break period. Mike and I went to the beach for a long weekend and that was nice, but too short as always. It was FREEZING - I actually have pics of the beach house covered in frost - that's different!

Anyway...I know you are all wondering about Hailey. She is doing OK. For a while there we were really worried about her because she was so sick all the time and even when she felt kinda OK she would stay cooped up in the house for days at a time making a permanent indention in her couch. It was a very long, dark, winter. BUT Spring has sprung and she is getting out of the house more often and taking short walks and such. She is still not working and can not wait to go back to work. I think she really wants some "normal" in her life.

She has cute little curls coming in and has the thickest eyelashes ever. She also has long, strong fingernails - I personally think that is a good sign.

She has her 2nd PET scan tomorrow (Wednesday) so say your prayers that there is nothing but healthy cells in her body right now (and FOREVER!)

Sorry I have been out of touch. Hope you are all doing well.

Love & Light


Tuesday, February 3, 2009


WHEN IS SHE GOING TO FEEL BETTER?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so frustrated and sad right now. Hailey is always sick - always. She is in fear of losing her job, although her superiors are being very understanding, she still has anxiety about it because she misses work at least once a week and has to leave early almost every day. She is constantly sick to her stomach, throwing up all the time and can not eat anything...and dammit she needs FOOD to FUEL her recovery! But her body is rejecting it all day long!

So sad
So frustrating
So infuriating
So lump in my throat
So fury
So tears
So long
So pissed
So breathing
So devastating

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A shift in power...

Gooooood early Sunday morning to you all. Its only 7AM and I have been up for about an hour on SUNDAY. Why? Her name is Mama Kitty.

Those of you who dont know the story about my cat, its an interesting one...she showed up on my back porch 3 days after a psychic told me that "I had a cat that is a gift from Heaven" - I told her "I dont have a cat, my husband HATES cats" and she was like...."um, no, you have a cat, she is on your back porch with a kitten"

3 days later...a cat is on my back porch with a kitten...bizarre...but true. And as a side note, there was no way that crazy psychic lady could have followed me home...or found out where I lived. The only reason I went to her is to see her art, because she painted angelic visions she had "from Heaven" and I ended up talking to her and getting a free "reading" I dont want yall thinking I freqent psychics, although I do believe some people have an extra 6th sense, and this lady was not right about 85% of the stuff she told me, but the other part she got right...

Anyway...I digress...my cat is the reason I am up at 7AM on Sunday...she used to be a 2nd class citizen around here. At first she was strictly an outside cat, now she is indoors 99% of the time. She was never allowed in our bedroom unless she was under strict observation...mind you we really dont have a good reason for this...she is a perfectly good cat...I just dont want cat hair everywhere and the mere thought of cat pee is enough to make me cry. Also, the cat (mama kitty) used to randomly attack Rodman for no reason what-so-ever about 3 times a year, so we did not want her anywhere around him unless we were around to protect the little dude. Well...since Rod went to puppy heaven, the cat has a new status in the house


So, I woke up on my own around 6AM this morning and I desperately wanted to go back to sleep...my mind racing with all the things I could be doing...all the while trying to get back to nappy town...then

meow (she is very curtious at first, very Queenly)
MEOWWWWWW (more Queenly!)

then she jumps up on the bed, sits squarely on my chest and insist that I pet her, nudging my hands and my head making sure I dont stop...purring all the while and all I want is to go back to sleep...
Now cat fur in all in my eyelashes and I have given up on sleeping