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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What does chemo look like?

The tower of power, the bing bing bong machine, IV drip master, whatever you want to call it - this is what gives Hailey her chemo. It makes obnoxious noises at 4AM

Hailey's picture board that James made her. She makes her room as cozy as possible with pictures, co-pilot (her teddy bear), flowers and her iPod. When you are in here for 4 - 5 days at a time with no comforts from home, it gets old pretty quick. The TV sucks and the volume on the speakers only goes down so much - and there are only like 10 channels. I amused myself at 3AM by watching Selena and crying about the tragic ending to that poor girls story.

Is pink my color? Naaah...I think it looks much better on Hails

Sleepy sisters.
I just want the light back in her eyes, really, that is all. Well, last night we had a good giggle fest and her eyes lit up, so I will take that for now.

Sleeping beauty and co-pilot. There is lots of sleep involved with chemo. She has something like 21 prescriptions at home and at the hospital they have her on a drip of all kinds of stuff that makes her loopy and very sleepy. I would want to sleep through it too. I would take it all away from her too, if I could.

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Ron & Jo Ann Mueller said...

Just wanted to let y'all know that Ron and I are putting Hailey's name in the prayer book at St John Neumann. We are praying for you and hope the light in your eyes will be back soon. Love, Ron & Jo Ann Mueller