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Friday, August 1, 2008

Back to the hospital...

I wont cuss as much as I want to on here, its not appropriate.
She is back at the hospital until Monday. Mom said that she looked like a ghost when she went to go get her. Poor Colleen is so sad, but we will keep her entertained and distracted. It sucks because I cant help Hailey at the hospital since I have a cold. Dang it! I am mad right now. I just need something to break me out of this really negative energy because its not helping anybody.

Positive vibes and prayers in here please


Peyton and Samuel and Bobby said...

We love you Hailey!!!Peyton, Sam and Bobby

Stacy said...

Hey girls! If there's anything I can say about the Gill girls its that if they put their mind to it, they can do it, no matter how big or small (thanks again mama Gill)! Heather, remember what I said a couple of weeks ago - just a blip on the radar sweetie! Bring Colleen to our house - Braden will keep her entertained :)Come sit on the porch with me soon! Love and lots of good thoughts!! Stacy, Kevin & Brady!

Nancy said...

Heather, I know it's hard, but just think positively! Hailey is strong. All of you are strong, so don't let a little fever get you down. Remember, you all are in our hearts, throughts, and prayers.

Love you,
Nancy Major