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Friday, August 22, 2008

Round 2 -Finito!

Hey everybody!
I got the honor of bringing Hailey home this morning. She is all finished up with round 2 and is at home resting. I have some really cute pics to post and I will get on that asap.

Hailey is happy to be home, to be able to go outside and smell the fresh air and to see all of her babies - furry ones, James, and Colleen. Mike and I are going over there to sit with her and Colleen since James has to work. She can not be alone at all because she may faint like she did last time. Poor thing has chemo brain pretty bad too. She is mixing up all of her words and last night she asking me for her M & M's - she does not have any M & M's, she was really looking for her washcloth. Chemo does some messed up stuff to your brain and body. She feels like she is running a fever, but she isn't. Last night she was sweating so bad that I had to flip over her pillow but then she was freezing cold. She was covered up in at least 3 blankets, and TRUST me, Hailey is one of the hottest natured people you will ever meet, so I know she is messed up if she is cold.

We were talking about cancer and how evil it is, I quoted a friend of mine and I said "its the devil, its just the devil." Hailey said "Well God is stronger, so we will win."

Amen sista.


ksounds said...

I'm so glad she's home!

Chemo brain is pretty bad - I know b/c my mother-in-law still calls Braden Brian. Brian is her son and Braden is mine. Oh well, we (her more than us)try to have fun with it- what else can you do?! There's actually a T-shirt: Speak slowly, I have chemo-brain. It'll get better Hailey!

Just don't think when your port alarm goes off that its a neighbor's car alarm. :) I have a lot of those stories!

And you're right Hailey, you will win!!! Anything you H's need, just let me know!

Love ya! Stacy

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are back at home girl! You need some of Bob Peek's slickers! Those will set you straight. I'll work on that for you. Hailey, be nice to those taking care of you, and they will be nice to you. After my knee surgery, I was all drugged up and decided to be a raving bitch to my mother. She dropped me off at the police station. I know that you, sick or not, are a perfect little angel and will let your loved ones take care of you and love you no matter how much they get on your nerves or how bad you feel! I love you! Shannon

Jillie Bean said...

I am so glad that you're home. James' snoring has got to be better than that damn monitor, eh? (Sorry, James!)I love you so much. I will call and bug you in the morning. Sweet dreams, BFF.

Heather Ivey said...

Glad you are home safe and sound. Round 2 goes to Hailey! Let me know what you need next week...my strep was negative...so hopefully I will be fully recovered next week. I hope your weekend goes well and that you can enjoy your time at home. I love you and text me if you need anything! Thank you to everyone who took care of her this week!!!