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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Still Sick

Hey all
She is still in the hospital and we do not know when she will get out. They are trying to get her levels up and they may do a blood transfusion tomorrow. I think we have the same blood type - but if I have a cold and I have been on meds, I dont know if they will let me do it. I dont know. I think she still has a fever off and on.

BTW - put comments on here if you have the time - I am sharing them with Hailey and I think they will be a good way to cheer her up!

I just pray that this first round of chemo is kicking her booty and she will be better next time. I really hope she wont have to live in the oncology ward for months on end.

Oh! And we took Colleen to a fantastic b-day party today for Bobby! We saw the Peeks, Rollisons, Minks (I know I would murder your last name if I tried to spell it Jenny!), Taylors and many more. It was great to see everyone and get lots of hugs - and an FO & Onion Rings! When I get pics of Colleen doing the slip & slide, I will put them on here :) very cute indeed!

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GaDoran4 said...


We are sorry that you are having to go through so much right now. We are praying for you to get through this as best as possible. Maybe this first round will be the worst. I'm sure your body is just trying to figure out how to beat this thing.
Happy thoughts, happy thoughts are coming your way. Stay strong and keep the Faith,

Lisa and Kevin Doran