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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Home sweet home

Hi everybody!
I am back home and I am glad to be sleeping in my own bed again. I miss the delicious crab claws & the lull of the ocean already, but I am happy to be back. We had a blast, no rain! However we did come back home with a little lighter load than expected. Our pomeranian, Rodman, died on the way to the beach. He was 12.5 years old and our best buddy. We had to make the really tough choice to put him down in a strange town, with a strange vet in Cordele, GA. His heart was enlarged and he was having trouble breathing, the vet said that he may not make it back to Athens to a specalitst, much less make it through the weekend. So RIP buddy! I miss you!

Anyway - on to more pressing business. Hailey is going back in for round 3 of chemo tomorrow. She will be there for at least 4 days again and we are betting on her going back into the hospital when her counts drop about 5 days after she comes home from the chemo treatment. She had a good week this week though. She said that she ate a lot and she felt so good yesterday that unfortunately she over did it and did not make it to church this morning. I was going to go over and see her (I MISS MY SIS!) but she has been sleeping a lot today and I have not heard from her since this morning. Please keep her in your prayers this week, as chemo week is always trying for her and the family.

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Heather Ivey said...

Stay strong Hailey...I know this has been a long, tough road already. You have done so well. I know the fevers and low counts in between are disheartening, but you recover so well. I cannot believe you are starting your third round today. As with everyday, my thoughts, hugs, love, and prayers are with you today. Let me know if you need anything!! I love you.

Heather...welcome home! You and Mike looked well rested yesterday. I am glad you had a relaxing time.

Rodman...I miss you little buddy!

Love, Heather