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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Holy Followers Batman! As I am typing this - 23 of you are official. I love and adore you all - thank you so much! Keep it coming guys! 23 is a magic number too in some weird numerology circles - dont ask me why I know that...but there was a movie about it - so I guess I am not the only one that is aware of that strange phenom.

Hailey is having a terrible day today. As if she does not have enough dookie on her plate right now, she is apparently having car troubles. Also, the family pick up truck (thank God dad decided that he needed a running around truck cuz we have used the heck out of it) needs an oil change in the worst of ways and James (the truck is currently his since his POS finally bit the dust) can not find time to go do it. I guess I will work this out somehow. These guys need transportation - they can not have car issues right now. So, send happy healthy car vibes their way! Hails is at the oncology office again today and she is getting more IV fluids etc...then she gets Colleen from school, then she goes home and tries to stay awake until at least 8:30 so she can tuck Colleen in. Can you imagine the stress? I am getting all tense just worrying about this and trying to figure out a way to fix it for them. Speaking of stress...

I am not the only one that thinks the breath is linked to stress, health, and our general outlook on life. I think I am feeling sooooo incredibly hinky right now because I have neglected my yoga practice for the past week. I need to get back on the mat! I will take 20 minutes today before my visit to Hailey's house, I have to or I may explode.

Getting back to the part about me not being the only one in the breath = life camp - take a second to read this blog entry on one of my favorite sites.

Stress Reduction - Pioneer Woman Style

The Pioneer Woman rocks! Her mom is on my level and Ree's recipes are to die for - you may actually keel over while eating it from all the butter - but it sure would be a nice way to go!

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