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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Catching up, part deux

So - first of all, an update on Hails and how the chemo is going this time around. This is round 4 and she is officially OVER IT. Poor thing, her anxiety is through the roof and she is heavily medicated right now for that and pain. Her text messages to me don't make much sense right now. I have become more fluent in chemo-brain speak than I ever thought I would. She is hanging in there though - her friends and family keep her going plus her sweet baby James. :) I think Colleen is her inspiration and the rest of us are her foundation. Sometimes I dont feel like a foundation though, I feel like I am standing in shifting sand during a catagory 5 hurricane, but somehow I keep it together for her. Its when I am not with her that I get more anxious and scared.
Anyway...enough of the my pity party, she is the one that is going through a living hell. This brings us to part 2 of our story...where did we leave off? Oh, somewhere around her cardiologist suggesting lots of tests and this is when all hell broke loose.

On the night of June 6th Hailey and I had an hour and 1/2 long conversation about how everything in the world sucked eggs. We were having a good ol gripe fest, sometimes you just need to get it out. Anyway, my point is that she did not say ANYTHING about being in pain at all. About 2 hours after she got off the phone with me she was putting Colleen to bed and then she felt it - a stabbing pain like none other in her belly. At first she thought that it was an ovarian cyst exploding since this has happened to her several times in the past - but she said that the pain she was feeling was different, and worse than exploding ovaries. Ouch.

She called James, who was at work and he rushed home, but he was 45 minutes away, so she called my parents. This started a chain reaction of hysterics, because my parents know how independent my sis is and how much pain this chick can tolerate. Anyway - my parents get to my sister just as the ambulance is arriving to get her. Unfortunately for that ambulance driver - he was 5 minutes behind my dad who promptly put Hailey in the car and took her to Athens Regional while Mom stayed behind to watch Colleen.

So they get her to the ER and they examane her and say "Ms. Gill, did you know that you had a mass or tumor in your abdomen?" Well, um, NO! Don't you think I would have mentioned that when I got here??? Anyway...this is the first news of any tumor in her life and it just gets worse from here on out...

Part 3 tomorrow. This story makes me anxious all over. Kinda like my heart will beat out from behind my breast plate anxious.

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