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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chemo Brain

So, chemo brain, ever heard of that one? I had not until all of this. Apparently chemo turns your brain into scrambled eggs. Let me explain - Hailey knows what she wants to say, and she is talking, but the words don't match what she is thinking. I have a dear friend who's mom is going thru chemo, and her port (in her arm) started beeping and she thought it was the car alarm - she ran around trying to turn off the car alarm...but it was in her arm...that would suck, but its humorous at the same time. I already told you the story about the M&Ms - well apparently this round is really doing a number on her noggin because Mom called and told me some pretty funny stuff. I guess its funny, freaky and funny at the same time because we know that she will be back to her normal, smart as a whip, self in a week or so.
So here are some examples of chemo brain speak:
1. Colleen and Mom were visiting Hails in the hospital yesterday and Hailey told Colleen (who did not ask about playing or anything like that) that she could go outside and play on the back porch. This is a common question (like every 5 minutes) at her house - so Hailey just decided in her chemobrain-ness that Colleen could go out and play on the back porch, however they were on the 5th floor of the hospital. ha.

2. Hailey was trying to tell mom to buy her favorite nurse - Kathy - a coffee mug as a thank you gift. She could not get the words out right, so Hailey asked Mom to get her a Moppy Cub for Kathy. I dont think Kathy needs a Moppy Cub, but we will see if we can get one for her - whatever Hailey wants we will get right now! ;)

3. Cryptic text messages, here are some examples...
Gas Blow & I will takk 2 U in ba. Love
Translation: The gas crisis sucks and I will talk to you in a bit. Love

Y ur wiite cgo cad brgn. U r comn thur 2 sgend nit?
Translation: Why your ??? ??? ???. You are coming Thursday to spend the night?
I think she was asking me about yoga class - but I am not really sure.
So, as you can see, it takes some effort to understand what she is saying sometimes. Poor thing, that has to be frustrating. She was always the smart one - I guess I can have a leg up in the smarts department for a week at a time right now. Sibling rivalry lives! hahaha
Also, Hailey did specifically tell Mom to call me and tell me all of this so I could put it on the blog. She wants us to see the humor in all of this. Thanks Hails.


Ashley T. Murdoch said...

Ha!! love the pic of Homer : ) It was great seeing and spending time with y'all. Please send Hailey my love. Thanks for the updates. love, Ashley

peyton,sam,and bobby said...

can you translate this one for me? "Gruggedtkppthnm"