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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Oh, my favorite holiday. My very, very favorite. Nothing but fun and candy - oh and scaring the crap of of people! Mike and I got a head start and watched "Halloween" 2 nights ago. Classic. Michael Myers, scary, scary, scary. All I can think about is him behind Jamie Lee Curtis in the hallway. "He's not dead Jamie! He's not dead! Grab the knife you dummy!" *shiver*

This year we are celebrating with the regular ol' trick or treats and also a parade for the kids in a 'hood down the street from us. I can not wait to see Colleen dressed up as Dorothy. She is going to be so cute! She has already had a trial run with this costume and she already got to go trick or treating once. How you ask? How does a girl get so lucky? In my parents 'hood all the kids & grandkids of the residents jump into golf carts and drive around the neighborhood and bombard each house with about 60 kids at one time. Somebody always ends up crying, usually an adult that can not handle all of the noise any longer - questioning themselves "Didn't I move to this semi-retirement golf community for peace and quiet??" HA! Little did they know that a boat load of children would decend on them once a year all hopped up on pixie sticks and chocolate! *giggle*

So, since its Silly Nanny Friday...here are some great funny/cool/creepy Halloween pics.

Scariest Movie Ever - Well...maybe the Exorcits ties with it...
I really did give up meat for a while after I saw the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and I will never look at those cute little white houses in the country the same again.

Here's Johnny! (YIKES!)

Cool! Its the death star! (Somebody has entirely too much time on their hands!)

Here he is...*shiver* again


Hope you have a very HAPPY (and safe!) HALLOWEEN!

Love, Light & BOO!

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