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Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm not having a good day today

I wish there was some sort of anxiety medicine that would not knock me out so I would not feel like exploding or crumbling or running or freaking out right now

she is supposed to be getting better damnit!


Shanna Thompson said...

She will pull through this - knowing that has to keep you going strong for her. I am sending Hailey good health vibes and sending you positive energy. Stay strong for Hailey. Once this is all over and she is healthy then you can crumble.

Heather Ivey said...

I second that! As hard as it is right now...you are her rock. She needs any strength you can pull out. Also she needs that humor that you have an abundance of. With that said...I am here if you need to crumble...I will pick you up! I love you both!