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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Phone Clarification & Disturbing Soy News...

Hi all...
She did get a new phone...its just not charged since she had to go to the hospital on short notice, she did not bring her charger, so no Heather, we do not need to take donations for a new phone. Eddie & Hannah from Barrow County helped her out with that :)
Thanks for asking though...that was sweet.

I talked to her early this morning and she sounded pretty rough. She said that she just wants to sleep, it hurts too much to be awake. Just makes your heart sink doesn't it? Poor thing. Hopefully she will be getting a blood transfusion today and that will make life much better for her.

Also, I wanted to share this with you - and Shams if you are out there, please help me out with this. Is soy is good or bad? I love my tofu and my neighbors baby is on soy formula because he can not tolerate the regular kind. Also, I have been putting soy protein powder in Hailey's smoothies...

Evidence against soy article...CLICK HERE

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