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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yoga For Headaches

Some of you know that Hailey and I both have suffered from migranes most of our lives. My BFF Heather also suffers from them - and now that she is preggers (yippee) that little girl (only my guess at this point!) is causing her major headaches and she is very limited to the medicine that she can take. Chiropractic care, diet and Yoga have been my biggest allies in my personal battle with migranes. This quick article below from Yoga Journal is a good lesson in preventing those painful suckers before they start. Also, practicing the Legs-Up-The-Wall pose daily will help with this pain. Unfortunatley, you can not do that pose when you are pregnant - so we will find alternative solutions for my pregnant friend.

October 30, 2008
Stop Headaches Before They Happen

Often we express stress in our necks and jaws. Without even noticing, we tense in these areas, blocking our breath, decreasing our circulation, and sometimes provoking a headache.
Luckily, we can avoid these symptoms by taking a break to relax the neck.

Here's how:
While seated, interlace your fingers and place your hands on the back of your head. Allow your head and arms to relax forward and your chin to travel toward your chest. The weight of your head and arms, combined with gravity, will begin to release your neck and reduce or eliminate your headache.

Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


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