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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What about NOW?

I am on the verge of something...
Something that I pray will be huge. Something that may have never been conceived if my sister did not get cancer. Something that will change the world - my world, my community, my family's world, Colleen's world, maybe your world. In order to change the world, you dont have to change things in Africa, Europe, or Iraq - start in your back yard. We have a good idea and I am SO excited about it I am about to burst. I can not divulge all the details yet, but just pray for guidance and clarity on our vision for our future. Hailey and I need all the prayers we can get - for her to get healthy and for me to figure out how I am going to tackle my new project.

Watch this video...you may have heard this song before, but I'm normally not a fan of popular rock/pop music but this Daughtry video is great. I mean, it just really hits home. It made me cry. Please forgive me for continually putting up videos that are tear inducing...but, its good to cry sometimes! This one is a good cry...so please watch this video if you have 3 minutes to spare. It kind of sums up where I am at in my head right now.

As I am sitting here eating my FREE lunch from the Chinese place Mike delivers coffee too, I wonder why is it so easy (not that I am complaining) to give to someone like my husband who has food in the fridge at home, but its not so easy to give to some dirty, poor, homeless, addict on the street?
Fear? Yes.
Anger? Yes.
Animosity? Yes.
Get a job you bum!? Yes.
Will the world ever be perfect? No. Not until the end of time as we know it, anyway.
So there will always be poor people on the planet, no matter how hard we try. The test is how do we serve them? I do not advocate giving money to the poor, but passing out fruit is not a bad idea. If they get mad at you and ask you for a whiskey bottle or money instead - well, at least you tried to help. I have actually done this - passed out food to random homeless people in the street in Atlanta. After I saw a man digging through a trash can and finding a 1/2 eaten doughnut and then he ate it - I ran out, bought bagels and passed them out. Most of the people were delighted and surprised at the gift of a bagel - some were grumpy, some were so far gone mentally that they really did not understand. But I only did this once! Maybe I should do it again.

What can you do to help the poor - and not enable them? Any ideas? I welcome all discussion on this subject.


Heather Ivey said...

That is a great video...I had actually seen it before on tv. Yes, if we all did something little here and there it would make a big difference in the end. Let me know if I can help you in any way in your venture. I know you will make a difference...you do to me already! Love to you all!

Stacy said...

Why do I think I know what your idea is????? I think maybe you spilled the beans last weekend over our cries :) Maybe not.....

Crying is definitely good!

You're one of the most determined people I know! Some of us only wish we were so brave and visionary!

Many good thoughts and prayers for Hailey.