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Friday, October 17, 2008

Time to panic...

No, really, don't panic...nothing is wrong with Hailey - its just time for a concert! Widespread Panic is here for shows down at Lakewood. Poor Hailey wants to go so bad, but she just does not have the strength to go. I will dance extra hard for her and Peyton is coming too - I am sure she will boogie ooogie enough for both of us! Woop Woop!!!!!

Watching people roll by
Wonder where they're going
Hey, what's your job?
What're you knowing?

Driving to the grocery store
Pull my money out
Passing by the liquor store
Throw my money down

Ain't life grand
Ain't life grand

My wife's got the blues
Now I've got them
Gonna bring her a kiss
Make those blues run

Ain't life grand
Ain't life grand

The sun came out the other day
Through those dusty clouds
And in my mind I was a child
And it felt good!

Ain't life grand
Ain't life grand
Ain't life grand
Ain't life grand

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Jonathan Zemsky said...

I am an author and artist and really love your disco-ball/party pic. I was wondering if I could have your permission to use it in some of my art? I would send you a file of the finished piece to get your approval.
Thanks for considering,