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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Broken Phone, Angels on Earth and a 90's History Lesson

Yup, that's right, it finally bit the dust. 4000 texts and 3000 calls a day finally took its toll on the poor thing. She went to make a call to me and when she flipped it up, the top just fell completely off. James made some futile attempt to fix it, but that did not work. THEN the angel of mercy showed up, right on time as he always does (insert angelic singing from the Heavens) Eddie! So Eddie is going to help her with the phone situation so she does not have to worry about it. Eddie is apparently always right on time and he is Hailey's mentor. I need to devote an entire blog entry to Eddie - call me for an interview man! :) As he reads this, Eddie is hiding under his desk, because public accolades are NOT his style - which of course, makes him even more awesome.
<------- Eddie

Well, I took advantage of this beautiful weather and played in Athens yesterday (got my hair cut, went shopping, ate lunch at the Grit, took a yoga class...ahhhh) and of course that means a visit with Hailey while she is in Athens Regional. She was doing OK - she has a little fever, around 99.5, but the nurses did not seem too worried about it. She looks flushed and of course her eyes are weak, but that is to be expected. I swear, I think some of her eyebrow hair is falling out now, but don't tell her I said that. She has REALLY thin eyebrows anyway, so who knows...

We still don't know if this is the last round or not. I know, its easy for me to say, but I kinda hope that its not. I just want all the insurance we can get.

James took some awesome pictures yesterday, so when he emails them to me I will put them up here. We went for a walk and Hailey could see something other than her 4 walls - so that was good - short lived, but good. Then I curled up in bed with her and sang her songs like "everybody needs a bosom for a pillow" to keep her entertained.

I am going to spend the night with her tonight and relieve James from his overnight duties. He has rigged up the fold out chair with another chair at the end of it so his feet don't hang off...poor baby. My statuesque height of 5' 2" can compress itself into a tiny little ball, so this has never bothered me...poor James...

And for those of you who think I am weird for singing songs that involve bosoms to my sister...here is a 90's history lesson...


Heather Ivey said...

Wow that takes me back! I have to admit that I forgot they say that in the song...but a good one it is. Heather it sounds like you had a good day yesterday...a beautiful day to run around in Athens.
Hailey I know you enjoyed getting out of your room and going for a walk...any change of scenary does you good. It's almost over girl! Let me know if you need anything. I love you guys! See you soon.

Lisa Doran said...

That was great !! What a wonderful way to start the day!! People at work already think I'm wacked, this doesn't help as I'm bobbing my head repeating the lyrics over and over. Enjoy another beautiful day and please let Hailey know that she is constantly in our thoughts and prayers.
The Doran's

Heather said...

haha, thanks Lisa - I am glad I could entertain you and the whole office this morning :)