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Monday, October 13, 2008

Today on Post Secret...

I love Post Secret

It is one of the blogs on the side bar that I recommend you read...its funny, inspiring, really sad and sometimes creepy - but at least you know that you are not the only freak in the world after reading it

This is one of the post cards from the site today...

Like I said, I love post secret...this just makes me feel better. I wish I wrote it and sent it in.

This weekend went well, Mike and I kept Colleen for most of the weekend. We decorated for Halloween, went to church, Waffle House and fed her lots of good food including ice cream cake at the Borah's. Hailey is feeling OK. She is VERY tired and has slept most of the weekend. She is still in pain, but its getting better.


Anonymous said...

You Have got to be the greatest sister in the world!Love Helen

Heather said...

Thanks Helen! I don't think I am anything special...but I do love my family a lot

Heather Ivey said...

Hey let's make a t-shirt with this on it! I would wear it all day long! You are a great sister. I know you are just doing what anyone would do, but you do go the extra mile! Hailey is lucky to have you...as am I...and Mike...and your parents...and Colleen...and a lot of other people out there. You do make a difference...everyday! I love you!
Love to you Hailey...stay strong...I know you are over it!!!