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Monday, November 3, 2008

Lost Generation...

Do we live in a time where we are watching a "lost" generation come of age? In a few years - the teens of today will be running companies and starting families. I hope for a world full of peace, love and harmony. I know that this does not come with out a price - I love and honor our troops keeping us safe from people crazed with jealousy and hatred. I hope, that we can stay hopeful and keep loving each other in the years to come. I think that more hope, love and real family values will come when people get out of their heads, and into their hearts on a daily/hourly/minuet by minute basis. Don't put God at the top of the heap, put HIM at the center of everything you do.

With the upcoming election, all I really want to say is to keep your head on straight and your heart steady. Tempers flare up when politics are brought up, so if it makes you angry, then just don't talk about it. Your opinions are your opinions, so please respect others opinions as you would like for them to respect your own. In the next few days, I am sure that tempers are going to flare on both sides of the fence - so try to take a few deep breaths and remember, its only 4 years - and if its a total disaster - we will make it through it because we are strong Americans living in the UNITED States of America.

Watch this video from the AARP - I thought it was really interesting. Reverse your thinking and it can change everything.
(sorry for the rambling...I have a lot on my mind today! so I apologize it its not coherent.)


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AMEN! Love you! The only thing that truely matters in this world is family...biological and those you consider family because you can't live without them. When it comes down to it...that is all you have in this world that you can always count on!