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Friday, November 21, 2008


This is my 100th post!


I better come up with something special for silly nanny Friday then!

Well, it does not get much more special than this...my favorite animated pooch - Snoopy cooking up Thanksgiving dinner for everyone.

What's up with that toaster Charlie was using??? Oh yeah, it was the 70's - they had to make everything weird in the 70's. :)

Speaking of the 70's - if you were running out of ideas on what to cook for Thanksgiving dinner - here are a few suggestions from Weight Watchers circa 1972 to help you out...they are original! I promise, you will get attention, albeit not very good attention if you bring these delights to dinner.

OMG Frankfurter Spectacular!!!! Watch out Swints...I will make you eat it!

Gag...the eggs...dear Lord, the eggs

I think I am bringing this...its impressive! Fish Balls - A little bigger than you thought they would be??? Sorry, went out of PG land for that joke...hope you dont mind.

Please check out this woman's site - its awesome! There are so many funny and disturbing things on here! :) Enjoy!

Love, Light & Jello Molds


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