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Monday, November 10, 2008

Hair Growth and Shorter Naps

Question: What do shorter naps, tiny little sprouts of hair and no more TV trays have in common?
Hailey! And these are all signs that she is getting better.

Her hair - at least her eyelashes and eyebrows - are starting to sprout. It looks bizarre. Little fuzzy black hairs starting to form on her bottom eyelid - very strange indeed. Her head is very itchy, so I am guessing its going to start to sprout soon too. We are all taking bets that it will come back straight - but according to stuff I have read - your hair comes back thicker and CURLIER after chemo. Oh goodness...can you imagine? Hailey with curlier hair? Woah. She is scared she is going to look like a chia pet. Poor baby.

She went to church with us on Sunday, then we had a big Sunday lunch at our house afterwords and she went home and only took a ONE HOUR nap! That is huge! Only one hour! She normall sleeps all day and all night.

Also, on Friday night I went over to her house for some girlie time with Jill & Jess (wedding plans! - according to Jill we are all going to dress as mermaids!!!??? how much wine did she drink?) anyway...I digress...when I went to Hail's house - I noticed that her TV tray that held all of her important stuff (cell phone, water, remote, books) within arms reach was gone. She said that she does not need it anymore because she can get up and get stuff herself! Awesome!


She is SO not going to look like a chia pet! She is going to be beautiful as always :)

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