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Thursday, November 13, 2008


I hate to admit it, but I have chronic anxiety. Maybe my feelings are just closer to the surface than other people, but I think a lot of people deal with this issue, we just don't talk about it. So, hopefully y'all don't think I'm weird.

Even with all the yoga, meditation, prayers, family time etc...I still suffer with this. I thank God everyday for healthy coping mechanisms for my anxiety like yoga, prayer and meditation - but still sometimes my insides feel like they are churning and turning into one of those big rubber band balls that nobody is going to be able to untangle.

It goes away for a while sometimes, but an event or an upcoming event will bring it on like a freight train. This week the freight train came roaring into my life when I realized Hailey will be having her first scans soon. For some reason, I thought she had already had them and that no news was good news.

On top of that, I am ready to start a non-profit yoga studio that caters to cancer patients, stay at home moms, care takers etc...that need yoga & wellness counseling. So, I pulled up the form to start a 501c3 so I can start asking for donations etc...and OMG...its a bear and I realized I have no idea what I am doing.

But to heck with that...I am going to do it anyway...starting in January I am going to start classes one way or another and hopefully be able to donate my time to people in need regardless of my status with the IRS.

Sometimes my anxiety comes out of left field for no apparent reason at all. Its the devil, I swear.

Just call me Debbie Downer today! blah.

I think its time for restorative yoga tonight. Its the best thing ever, ever, ever. I want to go on a retreat this spring to take a week long class with Judith Lassiter (the Queen of Restorative Yoga)in MA - but I doubt that is gonna happen.

I will share another restorative pose with you that you can do anytime to calm your nerves. Here you go...

We already talked about Legs Up the Wall and ask my mama, it works! 10 Minutes! Do it!

Here is my other favorite, my teacher calls it the yoga barcalounger ;) the following picture is courtsey of Yoga Journal. I don't recommend a bright sunny location, a nice calm low-light area with a fountain works well.

First - get your props out. Actually, no, first find a quiet room, no kids, no pets, no tv, no distractions...did you find a place??? If it has to be a walk in closet, just go there. Now...get out your props.

You will need 4 - 5 firm pillows (2-3 for your back, 2 for legs), a neck roll, an eye pillow if you have one, and a few towels rolled up in a log to place under your arms. In this picture, she does not have anything under her arms, but I recommend it. You want to be completley supported. Also, if you have a block (or a big sturdy book), place it under your 2 pillows to make a ramp for your back. Put a neck roll (a hand towel rolled up works great) under your neck, put a firm pillow under each of your legs.

Perform Baddha Konasana aka Bound Angel/Butterfly/Cobbler pose (in other words, sit straight up, and put the soles of your feet together to make butterfly wings with your legs) with the pillow "ramp" directly behind your hips.

Exhale and lower your back torso toward "ramp" and lay on the pillows/bolsters that are supported by the block/book. Get down there by leaning on your hands and make sure to support your neck on the way down with one hand if needed to avoid strain. Release your lower back and upper buttocks through your tailbone. Place the neck roll under your neck so you are completley supported.

Make sure your knees and upper thighs are supported by the two firm pillows on the floor. If you find this uncomfortable because your groin muscles are tight, add another pillow or just stick your legs out straight and add a bolster/pillow under your knees.

Place the eye pillow on your eyes, if you do not have an eye pillow, place a wash cloth over your eyes so you are forced to close your eyes and relax.

You can start by staying in this pose for one minute, but I recommend staying here for at least 10 minutes if you are comfortable.

Remember in restorative yoga - complete comfort is key! You can feel a stretch, but you must be comfortable.

10 minutes in the yoga barcalounger = 1 vodka tonic with out the side effects! :)
Take 10 and call me in the morning!

Love & Light

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