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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Juicer...

This made my week! I got to try out Hailey's new juicer tonight. I juiced up some apples and it was SOOOOOOOOOOO good. Colleen was impressed, and if you can impress a 5 year old with fruit, you are doing good. Then I juiced 2 leaves of kale and a cucumber - this was interesting. Trust me, I did not make this recipe up myself...it was in one of the books I got for Hailey. It said that it was good for cooling down a hot throat. Shockingly enough, the kale juice is not bad at all, it really does not taste like anything but the smell and color sent Colleen running around the kitchen screaming at me not to come near her with that stuff. The cucumber juice was disgusting. Yuck. The two mixed together was awful.

So, I will stick to fruit. I may try a carrot or something like that mixed in with the apple juice to see what kinds of concoctions I can come up with. Hailey liked the apple juice, it is way better than anything you can buy in the store and it should help her get some of the vitamins she needs. Who knows, I may sneak some kale in there next time - hehehehehe.


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