Hailey's Cheering Section - Join Us!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


100% of you (who voted) believe in angels! Y'all don't think I'm crazy! :)

Hailey is resting at home still and is having a good week so far. Thanks for all the vibes & prayers - as usual.

Love & Light


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Anonymous said...

Hailey I'm glad you are having a better week and are at home with yo man and baby! I know you wanted to be home for the premier extravaganza of Dancing With the Stars! Yes, I'm addicted, Yes,I'm old and Yes, I'm a freak (a fun freak though). Those pros don't have jack _ _ _ _ on us though! You are the only girl I've ever danced with! Oh God I am a freak! Can't wait to break it down with you again. Maybe your Dad will be able to keep his pants on at the next party! YUCK! LOve you Shannon