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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Picture Pages

Sing along! Picture pages, picture pages, time to get your picture pages so get your crayons and your pencils!!!

Some pictures for y'all to see. James took these - so they are way better than mine :)
Thanks James!

Kisses from James - also featured are Hailey & Co-pilot ;)

Daddy (more kisses), Hails and Mama. This was during round 1 - she still had some hair on her head and more light in her eyes.

Hey! There is that light in her eyes, it just takes a visit from a good friend to pull it out!
This is Hailey & one of her best buddies from way back - Noelle or Noni as she is called around these parts.

Hailey's crew from Barrow County Child Protective Services.
Great group of people, they come by often and are so supportive of her.

Colleen's artwork that donned Hailey's white board in her hospital room. Colleen is quite the artist! From left to right are Hailey (with hair and a flower sprouting out of her head), Bo (the cat) Colleen, James (notice the hair on his chin is much thicker than the hair on his head! ha!!!), Kisma (the dog), Gram (or Gam, she never pronounces the R - aka, my mama) and Big Daddy (you may have guessed, that is my dad! most perfect nick name ever!)

Hails and the bean having a staring contest

The poison they are pumping into my sisters veins - all in the name of good health and cancer's demise. The chemo in the black bag is red and the rest of the things are clear. One of them is chemo (ifex, I think) the others are saline and some other stuff.
One of the nurses made a huge mistake last time while she was training another nurse on chemotherapy and said - IN FRONT OF MY SISTER - that the stuff in the black bag is like battery acid.
OK, now my neck is tense and my stomach is queasy from typing that. Hailey was not too pleased with that. That particular nurse will not be visiting my sis anymore - we will leave it at that.

On to happier pics...
Take that cancer...
My sis will beat you up in the school yard after gym...

For your viewing enjoyment
Hey, hey, hey!


KEVIN & STACY said...

I love the pics! Its so great to see smiles!!!!

Heather Ivey said...

You have redeemed yourself my friend!!! You rocked out "Picture Pages". I haven't smiled that much in days...I loved to watch that. All of the pictures you posted were great. We all need to see those "Hailey" smiles! Glad to see Hailey this evening; if only for a minute. This round has kicked her butt...which means it is kicking cancer's butt as well! Hugs and kisses. Love to you all!