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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hailey and I have been reading books about vampires (the Twilight series) lately and the joke around the house is that Hailey has turned into a vampire ;) Just start calling her Hailey Cullen. (that's an inside joke for all you Twilight fans) She got blood at the hospital before she got out and she is feeling like a million bucks. Well, maybe more like $50 grand...but she still feels much better than she was.

We just don't understand why the doctor is so reluctant to give her blood when she obviously needs it so bad and it makes her feel so much better. Its always their last resource...I don't get it.

Anywho...she is at home, she cleaned her house yesterday which is more than I can say for myself and we ate a HUGE dinner a la James including yummy red snapper, mashed taters and fried okra...yummmmm. Oh, and there was lots of garlic involved, and Hailey did not hiss at us or run away from the garlic, so she has not completley transformed into a vampire yet!

Things are good right now with Hailey, James and Colleen. Hallelujah.


GaDoran4 said...

Glad to hear she is feeling better.
Still enjoying the light reading Heather. Hailey.....still praying for you daily to keep up the great attitude.

Keep the Faith,

Lisa Doran and the Gang

Heather Ivey said...

Here's a thought...if it comes up around Halloween...she should dress up like a vampire with teeth and all...maybe, then, they will get the hint?!:)Just a thought!
Hailey...glad you are feeling better. Maybe you should use your "feel good" energy for something fun...not cleaning the house! I love you! Let me know if you need anything!