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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Follow this blog...

Look to the right side of this page (at the top). See the heading? The one that says - Followers?
If you click on "follow this blog" and sign in with your google account you can show us that you are reading this blog.

If you dont have a google account its super easy to create one and you dont need a google email address to do it, you can use your bellsouth, yahoo, hotmail, windstream, etc...account to do it.

Its just strange - I know that lots of you are out there - but I dont know who, or how many etc...

So, if you dont mind - be an official follower! :)

Love & Light,


PS - you can also do it anonymously if you dont want your name or handle on there.


Heather Ivey said...

Hey guys! Glad Hailey made it home. I have been so busy this weekend with work...up now for something like 36+ hours. About to crash...I hope! I hope, more, that I get to see Hailey this week! Seeing Heather would be great too. And seeing my SheShe would be super! Let's try to make a date! I love you all! Glad you broke that juicer in! No Kale for me thanks!!! Talk to you soon :)

borah said...

we are here

KEVIN & STACY said...

We are the only ones so far with a pic - seems kinda vain! HA! Come on people show your faces :)