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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Round 3 - Day 3

Well, she is hanging tough (insert in NKOTB dance!)
She actually said that this round so far is the worst. She is getting morphine every few hours, not to mention all of the phenergan (sp?? yall may have already guessed, I am not the best speller, oh well! I can do the NKOTB dance sucka!)

anyway...I digress...Hailey somehow stays awake for a few hours at a time - I would be knocked out cold all day if I had all that pumping through me. The sheer amount of drugs she is getting is unreal. This time around, she has the DVD player in her room so her and James have been watching movies and that new TV show, Dexter on DVD. MUCH better than ABC or TBS allllllllllllllllllllll day.

I also asked her how her spirit was doing, and she said its OK, not great - but not in the dumps either. I told her that she is doing better than I would be, anywhere above the deep dark hole of serious depression is pretty good in my estimation. I would be a total disaster if it were me.

Colleen started ballet and tap lessons today! She looked SO cute in her little pink leotard and tights. Colleen and Mom came up to Hailey's room to visit the same time I did. After visiting with Hails for about an hour I went to a free yoga class at the Loren Smith Cancer Center at Athens Regional. They provide all kinds of classes, books, support, therapy etc...for cancer patients and caregivers. All of it is free too, its an awesome place. I am very grateful for it and I am sure it will be a great resource for Hailey as well.

After yoga, I was driving home and the sunset was so beautiful, one of those that you could look at forever and keep seeing different colors peeking through the purple clouds, really pretty - I had the windows rolled down and a great CD playing on my iPod. I realized how beautiful it all is and how nice it is to still be able to see the light at this point in my life. I thank God for that.

Love & Light


Anonymous said...

Hailey, you hang in there girl and know I love you! I got a new kitten, Lil' Ho Ho Chanel. She's-clawing and attacking me (not in the fun way), like she's known me a long time.NKonB Are my fav new "comeback", until yours Love you Shannon

Heather Ivey said...

Heather...I am a little disappointed in you. Aren't you technical enough to have the song playing in the background :)?! I will bust the dance out with you. I am big enough to admit that I loved that song back in the day! Hailey...hang tough for sure!!! Sorry you are having a rough go of it this time around. You're half way there and you have been so strong. I love you! See you soon.

Heather said...

No, unfortunately I have not figured out how to put music on the blog. IF I did, you know I would be rocking NKOTB - in the meantime, you can just sing along in your head -

Oh oh oh oooh oh!

Hangin' tough
Singing tough
Singing tough
Are you tough enough?
Hangin' tough
Singing tough
Singing tough
We're rough

LOL - I can not keep a straight face right now ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello ladies,

I wanted you to know ya'll are in my thoughts and prayers daily. The girls are keeping me busy (now 5 months and 3)! I need to send some pictures of them. It is amazing how fast they grow. Please take care and Hailey stay strong (I know you will!) Take care-love, Monica