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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Awesome Weekend, Old Friends and Sushi...

We had such an AWESOME weekend! Hailey and I spent the entire weekend together and had the best time. Mike went out of town for the weekend to Michigan to see the Wolverines and Tigers play, so I had all of my time to devote to my sis and her fam - AND myself! There were several highlights of the weekend - also some low lights (the UGA BLACK out...um...well, that was bad), however, as always we will focus on the high points...like yoga in the AM with Hails in our PJs...Kisma decided not to participate, lazy pup!
*Photography by COLLEEN!*

1. Awesome Girl's Weekends MUST include Pedicures!!!
Hailey, Colleen and I got up early Saturday morning and went to the nail salon to get our toes done...Colleen had never had this done before so it was so cute to see her get her nails painted. Hailey and I treated ourselves to manis and pedis - which neither of us ever do, so it was a nice, relaxing, girlie time.

Adorable pink & white polka-dots for C-mac's first pedi...how cute!!!!

Hailey and I went for the fall, goth girl look...although we we are SO not GOTH...

2. Then!!!!....OMG...We got a visit from some OLD SCHOOL friends of Hailey - Ashley and Amy. These guys bring back some of my favorite memories of Hailey in her elementary and middle school years. These are two fantastic girls whom, I honestly thought would walk in Hailey's house with pig-tails and listening to old Red Hot Chili Peppers thinking they were all "mature", cool and not wanting anything to do with me until they needed a ride somewhere...until I saw them this weekend. Ugh...I feel old...they have both grown into fantastic, beautiful, strong women that LOVE Hailey down to their cockles and sub-cockles of their being. There were lots of laughter, inside jokes about "dangerous hikers" and something about a Santa belt...that only a 7th grader could understand. Basically - it was a great visit and I am so happy that I got to see these women and that Hailey got to feel the undying love of friendship this weekend.

Amy, Hails and Ashley

3. Sushi!!!! YUMMO!!! Hailey requested a "last meal" before she went back to chemo hell tomorrow at Shoki in Athens. Mom and Dad dined on chicken and steak off of the hibachi and Mike, James, Hailey and I (dad some too!) pigged out on raw tuna, seaweed and spicy crab rolls. My mouth is all dry from all the salt and I feel like I may explode from all the rice...but ugh...it was so delish.

James REALLY likes sushi... hahahahaha

Just one more time, let this be it...maybe...please...please...

Anyway...Hailey does go back for the dreaded chemo tomorrow. There were tears after the sushi, and it was not from all the wasabi. Maybe (thats a BIG maybe) this will be it...this will be her last round. Please, please, everyone pray that this will be it and that all of these treatments will be good enough to keep her healthy until the next millennium.

Love & Light to you all...and oh yeah...


Heather Ivey said...

Hailey, I cannot believe you are starting your last round tomorrow. All of the pain and sickness you have endured will not be for nothing. You will be healthy now and Cancer free. And back to the old Hailey...well a new version of the old you. You have been a trooper. I am amazed at how well you have done so far. I shouldn't be...you are strong. I love you so much and pray that this last round goes off without a hitch. It sounds like you had a great send off weekend. And...it was great to see you today! Put your sunglasses on...the light at the end of the tunnel is fast approaching! My love to all of you!

~Mike & Allyson~ said...

Hailey - my thoughts and prayers are with you through this LAST round! I can't wait to continue reading and watching your road to FULL recovery from this crazy cancer...you're well on your way girl!


Holly said...

Blessings and grace to you, Hailey, from Jacksonville. We are praying and believing each and every day for your healing. Heather, thank you for the blog and keeping me up to date on all that is going on with Hailey. Love you much.

dawnpolk said...

We are praying hard today at KW that all goes well. Please let us know if you need anything!