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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Madonna is a fem-bot

Well...I did my happy dance in STYLE last night. I FINALLY got to see Madonna! I have wanted to go since I was in the 4th grade!

Remember those fem-bots from Austin Powers? The perfect girls that were really robots trying to take over the world and kill Austin? I think Madonna is one of them. There is NO way that a normal human can look like this at 50 years old. I am not saying anything against 50 year olds - but this is crazy.

My BFF and her mama took me to see the Queen herself last night at Philips Arena, and holy Toledo...what a show! I have never seen anything like it, really. 1st of all the stage was ginormous. 2nd, her dancers were unreal. 3rd, if I had danced 1/3 as hard as good ol' 50 year old Madonna had last night, you would of had to carry me off the stage on a stretcher. The stage had a long cat walk, with a big circle stage at the end of that where a piano came out of. Her dancers came up out of the stage too, there was a Rolls Royce on the stage, she dressed in a sparkly football uniform at one point, and towards the end she was rocking out so hard that I thought I was at a Metallica show. She also showed pictures of the poor, starving people in Africa etc...which was really sad to see. I think she gives a lot of money to Africa, and she is doing a documentary as well (at least she's not acting again!) She rules, but there is no way she is human! Look at her arms! Ha!

PS - as a side note - she does a LOT of Yoga! ;)

Here are some more pics I found on the web...

You go on with your bad self Madge.

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Heather Ivey said...

Cool pics Heather! What a great time! I am so glad we finally got to see the Queen. Thank you mama! Love you and Happy Thanksgiving to all!