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Monday, December 22, 2008

Miss me?

I miss you! I have been a busy little bee and I have not had time to write much :(

Between pet issues, holiday shopping, present wrapping and parties - its been the typical December but I have SO much to share with you!

All of this will be much better with pictures but I will give you the quick re-cap anyway.

Hailey's 30th b-day on the 12th...we had soooooo much fun! She had a "wig out" party and everyone wore wigs for the occasion. I must say my favorites were my dad's nasty, greasy mullet wig and Joey's big ol' fro. I had to put that one on - I looked like a 1969 hippy soul goddess - I want a fro now.

Colleen's Christmas play...SO cute! I have video of her singing and dancing her heart out in her little cowgirl outfit. The play was about the real meaning of Christmas and how toys were secondary. Do you think the kindergarten crowd got that???? By the way, Hailey woke Colleen up for school and at some point in the middle of the night she got up and put on her princess dress and her cowboy boots - so Hailey found her passed out on the bed dressed in that beautiful ensemble. Gotta love little girls!

Mike went to feed the homeless and pass out blankets this past Saturday. I missed out because I am fighting off the flu - but he had a blast and spread some REAL holiday cheer to people who really need it. He said that he was shocked to see "normal" looking people there, men who were clean, well spoken etc...he said he was very humbled by the experience. I wish I could have gone.

Blue is better, thank God. I just could not handle anymore drama, especially drama involving cancer and my baby girl. There is a spot on her lungs that we "need to keep an eye on" but we will just leave it at that. Right now she is frisky and feeling OK - and I am happy.

Christmas is almost here!!!! Can you believe it? I have about 1/2 of my wrapping finished and I will get the rest of it done tomorrow I guess...

I hope you guys are all well fed, keeping warm and get lots of hugs in the next few days.

I promise I will post pics soon :)

Love & Light,


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Shanna Thompson said...

I am glad to hear Blue is better and the party was a blast. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!