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Monday, December 8, 2008

I told you I had pictures!

First off...I have to say CONGRATS to my BFF Heather #1 because she is having a GIRL!
She has 2 boys and is preggers with her 3rd and I am so excited about this little girl! A sweet, cooing, bundle of kisses and love girl! I get to throw a shower and buy pink stuff! Yippee!!!

On to picture pages...Here is Hail's peach fuzz...its black & silver - and really pretty straight right now...so we will see how this all turns out. Its a mystery...

Smile for me Hailey! I know you are in a hurry...but this is important!

See...I have hair! Fuzzy wuzzzy hair!

She is rubbing her head because it feels gooooood. But, I am also getting that look, so she needs to go...

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Heather Ivey said...

Thank you Heather! We are so excited about the news of a daughter! I hope everyone has a wonderful week and don't work too hard. I cannot believe how fast this Christmas season is flying by. I wish we could have 2 weeks off to truly enjoy every moment! Love to you all!