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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Whooo Hoooo! Picture Time!

Hailey's "real" 30th b-day. We celebrated with a pumpkin pie and lots of cool whip. Her b-day was of course a big deal considering that she made it to the 30 year old mark and there is no more cancer in her body right now. :)

Dig in kids!

Eatin pie straight out of the tin...greatness!

Hailey's big "Wig Out" 30th b-day party at casa de Gill
Featured in this pic are Brittany Spears, Sexual Chocolate from "Coming to America" and Richard Pryor circa 1975.

Hails and Mr. Bob Peek - the one and only.

THIS is my dear ol' dad

Hailey's cake made by my friend & neighbor Wendy - she is awesome! How cute is this cake?

Hey, who are you???

All of my moms - Mama Junie, Mama Bear Swint, and my Mommie
(yes, I still call her mommie sometimes!)

3 Hotties! Me, My sista and her BFF Jill aka Bettie Page

The happy family - James, Colleen and Hails
James looked like one of the Nelson brothers - quick, name that tune!

After this shot, I really wished I lived back in the late 60's early 70's so I could be a goddess with a big fro. I swear, if I were a black girl, I would have the biggest fro and it would be great.

Even Bell got into the act of dressing up as "Gangsta Bell"

More pictures will come throughout the week. I could post them all now, but what fun would that be???

Love & Light

Watch THIS now for the answer of "name that tune"

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