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Friday, January 9, 2009

Evil forces

I swear, some outside evil force is keeping me from posting new pics on here!!! I am going to do my best to finally have them up this weekend.

Hailey, Mom and I may be attending a cooking workshop with a vegan, vegiatrian, macorbiotic chef in Jefferson to learn how to best cook for Hailey and maybe learn some tasty, healthy dinners for ourselves as well.
The chef's website is http://largelifefoods.com/

I can not wait for this!!!! If yall think I am freak about what I eat now, then watch out! Soon I will be eating only nuts, brown rice and bringing my own homemade veggie chips to pot lucks. I already blessed the Borah's and company on NYE with homemade veggie burger sliders. They were good and people gobbled them up! Plus the recipe made so much that Mike and I ate them for a week afterwords and never got tired of them. I will post the recipe so you guys can try it out.

Speaking of food...do you guys make New Years resolutions? I used to, but now I dont. I am planning on losing the last stupid 15 lbs that I need to shed - and I am thinking about signing up with weight watchers on line to get me started - but this is not a New Years resolution per se. Its just a good time for me to get in better shape & improve my overall health.

On another note - I have scheduled my first yoga classes!!!! I am BEYOND excited to start this! My first yoga class will be on Tuesday, February 3rd, 6:00 PM at New Community Church in Hoshcton.

Check out my website!
My buddy and I are still working on it, so it will be "tweaked" a bit here and there - but let me know what you think!

Love & Light & Promises of pictures real soon,

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