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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Hair Cuts

About a week and 1/2 ago I cut all my hair off to support Hailey. She could not be the only one going from really long to really short! My hair was down to the middle of my back, all one length. I called Salon 124 on Thursday to make an appointment thinking that it would be a few weeks before I could get into the place, however - they just happened to have an appt for 4:30 that day - WAIT - I need more time! I need to say good bye to my hair first! I need to love on it, wash it one more time...and...oh what the hell...just put your big girl britches on and go...so I did. The first thing she did was put my hair into 2 pig tails and chopped them right off...OMG! I almost fainted. But I gathered myself and she washed my hair and then cut and cut and cut some more..

Finally we had this fantastic do...I LOVE IT!

Hailey's hair cut day went a little differently than mine. She had a friend that lives in Asheville, NC come down to cut her hair. She did not want the drama of going through that in a salon. At first Hailey insisted on doing a REALLY short pixie - but thankfully Hanna (the stylist) talked her into a cute bob. Hailey has never had short hair - she was born with a head full of hair and its been growing ever since. Her hair is super curly and she was afraid that she was going to look like a "chia pet". HOWEVER! Hanna is an awesome stylist and Hailey's hair has much softer curls than we expected. There were lots of friends, Jill, Jess, Mike and the boys - some tears and lots of laughing. Now she looks like a 1920's diva. I think she should keep it short for a while! Love it!!!
Kicking Cancer's Butt One Fabulous Hair Cut at a Time!


KevinAndrew said...

Hailey Gill vs cancer? I don't think cancer has a chance, personally.

Hailey, just want to let you know that I'm thinking about you and praying for you and your family.

I'll be keeping up with you through Heather and the blog (thanks Heather) look forward to seeing you in person, cancer-free, in the very near future!

Kevin Middlebrooks

Nancy said...

Heather and Hailey, I love the hair dos. You both look like divas!

Hailey, you are in our thoughts and prayers, and I know you will get through this because you are one tough lady! And, you come by it honestly!!!

Heather thank you for starting this blog. It's a great way to keep us informed.

Love you and your family, give Colleen a special hug and kiss for me.

Nancy Major

Stacy said...

you're both beautiful!