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Friday, July 25, 2008

Ding, Ding, Ding! Round One!

I spent the night with Hails last night and I am keeping my eyelids open with toothpicks right now. I spent the night, I did not sleep, not much anyway. But, hey, its totally worth it! I actually kind of like it, its like a hotel, but with lots of beeping, nurses and a bit of blood.

Hailey is doing very well. She is really tired and the meds she is getting for the nausea knock her out. If she did not have the nausea she would be OK I think. She is getting 2 different kinds of chemo. One is called Ifex and the other is called Adriamydin or Rubex. One of them is orange and the other clear. She also has 3 other bags of fluids/meds pumping into her as well. I have already forgotten what they are...like I said, I'm quite sleepy. She is not throwing up, which is good - and she is eating - which is great! She had grits and eggs this morning PLUS mom sent a biscuit with eggs to the hospital via my dad, so she can have a good homemade snack later.

She has had lots of visitors. Unfortunately, last night her co-workers came by and she was sleeping. She felt bad, but I am sure they understand. They brought her a cute scarf and a really soft turban for her head for when she loses her hair. That should start happeing in about 2 - 3 weeks. That will suck big fat eggs. She said that she is more worried about her eyebrows and eyelashes than her hair at this point. Ya know, you can always cover up your head with a pretty scarf or cute hat - but your brows and eyelashes! ugh that you really cant do much about. I did get her a kick ass eyebrow kit from Sephora with 3 different powders and a wax base - it has the little plastic forms and everything - so hopefully that will help. Hell, I might get her some false eyelashes with rhinestones, that with the turban - what a great look huh? lol

Well, Dad and James are with her right now. Actually, I think they snuck out to Agua Linda for lunch while Hailey is sleeping. Peyton & Shannon are on their way up there - so I am sure that will be fun. The Peeks are always fun! :)


Neeser said...

As I sit here shaking my fist in anger - I continue to pray for my MaHailey, and you all, every day. Your positive attitude and loving spirit is a testament to the awesome adults you have become. Thanks for all the updates and the blog. I pass them along to Joe and my Mom. Let us know if ya'll need anything - at all! You are in our hearts and are loved much! Denise & Rick

Mick said...

Hey there Hailey it's Mick. I wish I was jotting this down under different circumstances but nice to touch base anyway!

I was briefly in Atlanta yesterday on business and I managed to see Monica's new baby Lilly Jordan. We also spoke about you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Monica can't wait for her hair to grow out far enough to donate it.

Rhonda and I are doing well in sunny Florida. I'll post a picture of our two strapping young boys (Connor and McKinley) to help keep your spirits up.

Much love, Mick

peyton said...

dug out the ole Be Dazzler today! Just you wait and see!!!!! You are beautiful and Cozy is so cool! Cause she is a GILL! We love you! Great seeing you today! James is great!
Peyton, Sam and Bobby

peyton said...

great seeing you today! You are beautiful! Cozy is great.....cause she is a GILL!!!! So I got my Be Dazzler out with the best of intentions for you!!!!! I love you!

Shams said...

Hey! I thought Hailey was at a hospital in Atlanta for some reason...is she going home soon or will she still be at Athens Regional on Sunday? Let me know! All my love and prayers are with you.