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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hello there...

Its been a while!
I have been busy getting my Yoga classes up and running and honestly, there have been so many ups and downs with Hailey that I was getting bogged down in the mess of it all and I needed a break from blogging about it. I needed a break period. Mike and I went to the beach for a long weekend and that was nice, but too short as always. It was FREEZING - I actually have pics of the beach house covered in frost - that's different!

Anyway...I know you are all wondering about Hailey. She is doing OK. For a while there we were really worried about her because she was so sick all the time and even when she felt kinda OK she would stay cooped up in the house for days at a time making a permanent indention in her couch. It was a very long, dark, winter. BUT Spring has sprung and she is getting out of the house more often and taking short walks and such. She is still not working and can not wait to go back to work. I think she really wants some "normal" in her life.

She has cute little curls coming in and has the thickest eyelashes ever. She also has long, strong fingernails - I personally think that is a good sign.

She has her 2nd PET scan tomorrow (Wednesday) so say your prayers that there is nothing but healthy cells in her body right now (and FOREVER!)

Sorry I have been out of touch. Hope you are all doing well.

Love & Light


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